A big thank you goes out to everyone that pledged to this worthy cause. Thank you so much! Your pledges have bought wheelchairs and help with the building of an early development centre for the disabled.

  • IRONMAN conquered for disabled children

    IRONMAN conquered for disabled children

    Meeting with the inspirational Chaili Mycroft who is the founder of the Chaili Campaign. She is a true inspiration and have overcome so many obstacles. These are the true heroes in life who in spite of their obstacles do the insurmountable and make the impossible possible. It was an honour to raise funds for the disabled children who bebefit from her foundation. Chaili and her mother Zelda are exceptional people and is a cause worthy to be supported.

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  • Race Report (Port Elizabeth)Race Report (Port Elizabeth)

    Race Report (Port Elizabeth)

    I arrived in Port Elizabeth three days before the event. You could sense the excitement in the air as athletes from all around the world descended upon the city. The magnitude of the event struck me as it is the only full IRONMAN event on African soil. I soon realised that this is as big as it gets in the world of swim, bike and run. On the Friday night all the athletes +/- 2500 attended a race briefing in the Boardwalk convention centre where after we all had a dinner together. It was an awesome pasta party where we carbo-loaded for what was coming in two days time. RACE DAY: I rose early 3:30am...with only about 2hours of sleep to consume a very early breakfast of oats mixed with peanut butter, it works great for sustained energy!
    On the beach there were about 30 drum players and dancers playing and dancing rhythmic on the drums. I realised that most of us standing there are in probably for the toughest day of our lives. Three helicopters providing camera & safety to the athletes took off and were hovering 100m above us. The national anthem sounded and all spectators and athletes sang together the Nkosi Sikelele. It was 100% adrenaline as I wiped away the tears and the feeling of being overwhelmed by the moment. I thought to myself how privileged I am to experience such a international world class event first hand, the guy next to me turned to me, he was from Argentinia and in broken English he introduced himself as Carlos and told me the we just sang the “BOK SONG” referring to the Springboks. I smiled and welcomed him to the greatest country in Africa. I shook his hand and wished him good luck. I heard the MC Paul Kaye saying to the crowd the following words “These are ordinary people that will attempt to do the extra-ordinary today” I heard everybody shouting and cheering as the countdown started followed by the loud thud of the cannon that set us off on a 3.8km swim. You don’t think about sharks or anything else, you are just focused on the finish line that will come many hours later. Of all three events the swim was the easiest. The 180km cycle route was something very different. The Ironman course was changed for this year and it proved to be everybody’s nemesis. My jockey shifter broke in the first kilometer as my gears were jumping around. I asked a referee if there were any bike mechanics on the course that could provide assistance. He smiled and told me it was on the 45km mark. Now the rules of Ironman are clear; you may not receive any outside help, any help means disqualification. They can advise you, but you must do the job. The first 45 kilometres were tough as I only had 3-4 gears working. Luckily a bike mechanic advised me how to fix the problem; I did however lose valuable time. On the 56km mark a wasp got stuck on my cycling pants and decided the only way to free himself were to continuously sting until its host release him. I first thought that I have pulled a muscle then saw the black wasp stuck on my cycling shorts. I was in the middle of nowhere and thought to myself if I am allergic to this thing I die here today. I even made plans to perform a emergency Tracheotomy on myself if I start to suffocate. Thank God it wasn’t necessary. My leg started to swell and was burning for the next 15-20km. The cycle route was a great challenge, no free money in the course; you had to work hard against hills and headstrong winds and believe me Port Elizabeth is not called the windy city for nothing. I would rather do the Argus cycle race twice than the Ironman cycle course. Coming of the cycle you must find strength to run the 42.2km marathon, first get your legs loose...we all had to dig very deep through pain and extreme discomfort. You cannot begin to understand how tough Ironman really is until you experience it. It is no joke to start a marathon drained and physically tired. On my last loop of the marathon I have seen bodies shut down, people puking where there is nothing more left in the tank. It is heart breaking is to see those whose race finishes,not the quiters but th eones who really wants to finsih, their minds are willing, but the body packed up.

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  • Finsihing with Jeremy ConradieFinsihing with Jeremy Conradie

    Finsihing with Jeremy Conradie

    What made Ironman so special to me is in the run section you are really tired, you just came from a 3.8km swim and a grueling 180km cycle. The legs are battling to get loose for a full marathon. As I started my run I saw a guy next to me who are disabled. Immediatly I ran over to him and started talkimg to him. My words were" You are my new hero in life...RESPECT!" He laughed and told me he did 2012 and missed the cut off by a few minutes and he is back to get his medal. Right there I made him a commitment we will finish together, we took each other to the finish line. That 5 hours spending with Jeremy Conradie have inspired me and I have so many times used this story to inspire so many people. It is amazing how I ended up in the run section with him, seeing that I am doing it for disabled children. Jeremy thought that I helped him om the run, but the truth is he helped me. When I were tired I just looked at him running next to me and the inspiring guts that he displayed all the way. In the last kilometer the crowd and his family ran with us, A frienship was forged as we allowed each other to cross the finish line. I couldnt help but to become emotional. Jeremy you are a class act. He has moved on and completed the Two oceans and comrades marathons. Its been an honour my friend

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  • Knowing why you are doing it

    Knowing why you are doing it

    Ironman to me was absolutely phenomenal...the experience was one of the toughest days of my life; the reward is not just a medal, but goes way deeper into your core how you see things and approach things. It is an event that will leave something in your will leave strength that will pull you through when tough times do come. It has been an awesome and humbling experience to see ordinary people attempt the extra-ordinary and achieve it. Ironman cannot be bought with no have to earn it. What makes this event so special is that I knew that my effort would make a difference in the life of a child that are physically disabled. I knew my WHY, WHY I am doing it! I can swim, bike and run and they can’t. It has been a privilege to raise funds for the Chaeli Campaign.
  • a 'BE PHENOMENAL' Experience

    a 'BE PHENOMENAL' Experience

  • Dont say "BUT" - It will keep you in the corner

    Dont say "BUT" - It will keep you in the corner

    If you have a special desire or dream, I challenge you to take it head on. People don’t reach for their dreams because they hide behind “BUT” I always hear people say the word “BUT”; “BUT” will cause you to hide behind your fear, “BUT” will cause you to come up with all type of excuses to validate your inaction for not acting upon your dream. BUT is a dream killer! If you go through life quietly and safely you are only tip toeing to an early grave. Don’t hold back on the things that you want to achieve. There are people who say “BUT I tried once and it didn’t work out” They use “BUT” to never come out again. People say no to things that they don’t even know what they are saying no to. Don’t allow “BUT” to keep you in the corner. Go for your dream. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have! Is it possible for you to achieve any goal in life? YES IT IS!!! The real question is...Have you made the decision? Pursue your dreams!
  • Thank you to my sponsors

    Thank you to my sponsors

    If it wasn’t for the following people and businesses this experience would not possible. Please support their business: Durbanville Conference Centre, Deon de Klerk. The best conference facility for your next conference or training. Cycle lab, Tygervalley for their free Cycle services. Vencorp group , the best investment,accounting and tax services. Physio-life. Wessel de Kock, a phenominal physiotherapist who sorted out a serious calf injury 9 weeks before Ironman. DNA Gifts A-Z Sportsbags for their donation of IRONMAN branded bags Sublimation house for the FREE printing of the main sponsors name on the Triathlon suits. To all my fellow Ironman finishers..I salute you in the spirit of Ironman. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!....Selah
  • There is a day that can make you or break you

    There is a day that can make you or break you

  • In the spirit of Ironman - Nothing is impossible!

    In the spirit of Ironman - Nothing is impossible!